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It's the best job
on campus!

Hundreds of students trust StudyGoals to find tutors. We make it super easy for you to start tutoring in no time at all.

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Why Should I Tutor With Us?

It's the best tutoring platform  in the world. Here's why


It's easy to use

No experience is needed. In fact, most of our tutors have never officially tutored before.

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You'll get students

Once you've registered with StudyGoals as a tutor, students will be able to easily find you.

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You'll get paid

You will be paid based on the rate that you have set after each session.

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We've got your back

From signing up to cashing out, we built a seamless experience with a team to help standing by.

How does it work?

Start tutoring in three easy steps

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Add Courses

Select all of the courses that you can tutor. Must have a B in the course to tutor students in that course.

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Get Students

You’ll be notified when students request help from you in a specific course. At this time, they've already agreed to pay the rate that you set.

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Start Tutoring

Tutor online with our video chat features!


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Your students will get the grades they need to graduate and you get paid.

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Get paid for helping students
Set the hourly rate that you would like to be paid for each session.
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Connect your bank
Add your bank account information to set up direct deposit.
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Get money quickly
Direct deposits are automatically initiated after each session and will hit your bank account within 3-5 business days.
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Safe And Secure

We use Stripe so your banking info is safe and secure. Stripe is used by Lyft, Pinterest, and more.

Get Started Today

Create your free profile in minutes

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